If you thought Greek homes were all about conserving tradition, have another look. This white contemporary home was designed by Greek architect Thanos Athanasopoulos and comes with quite a few amazing features. Located in Ekali, an Athens suburb, the residence is a single-family crib, a true showcase of modern living. Its architecture was developed in relationship with the environment. The large windows ensure great views of the natural landscape and pool, while allowing natural light inside. The roof is particularly interesting and original. Here is more on this structure from the architects: “The main building volume is covered by a pitched double-curved roof which is clad with conventional ceramic roof tiles. The roof-tile cladding cascades down the surface of the north wall, creating a rainscreen that contributes to the environmental performance of the house and conceptually to the visual impression of a seamless protective blanket. This element, which provides coherence to the whole scheme reinterpreting the traditional ceramic-tile roof, is part of an attempt to shape an appropriate architectural identity –material and spatial- in a suburban context where traditional imagery and contemporary desires are fused and confused.”  As far as its interior design is concerned, we were intrigued by the open living room, impressive in size, elegance and modernity.