The Yerger Residence comes from Chen + Suchart Studio and is located in Phoenix, Arizona. Since Camelback Mountain dominates the landscape, the architects developed the eastern wing of this residence so as to take full advantage of the fantastic views. From the exterior, the house has a highly interesting look which from afar doesn’t give away that this building is in fact a family home. As one approaches the construction, the “homey” details emerge. This residence features generous windows, an impressive outdoor pool and some amazing interior design elements. Here is more information on its structure from the architects: “The main living space of the house maintains an open plan configuration and borrows Camelback Mountain and brings it into this space. This relationship is further maintained by the ability to slide sliding glass doors completely away for an uninhibited view.  Two guest bedrooms, also part of this open-ended volume, afford the view due to the plan configuration of the bathroom and closet spaces along the west elevation.” We’ve uploaded plenty of interior photos that should serve as inspiration. Enjoy!  Photography by Bill Timmerman.