Putting up a home office is a fun and easy job. But what about all those times when you need a coworking environment? Loosecubes is an online network that can help you find shared workspaces at a push of a button. With Loosecubes, you can advertise your own office that is able to accommodate coworkers or search for one to rent. Here is more information from the official site: “At Loosecubes, we want to change the way people work. Our members need the flexibility to work at home sometimes and in an office sometimes.We want the freedom to travel anywhere in the world and not have to worry about finding an internet connection and some intelligent people. We don’t think that Loosecubes hosts will participate just to make some extra money. We think they will participate because our members are people they want to get to know. They’ll participate because they believe, like we do, that the only way to be truly independent work-wise is to have great workspace available when you need it – without paying an arm and a leg.” Sounds practical?- via Swiss Miss