Casa Larga was designed by Swiss architect Daniele Claudio Taddei and is located in Brissago, Switzerland. Overlooking a picturesque landscape and situated near lake Maggiore, the residence sits like a giant monolith which seems to guard the wonderful surrounding views. Here is more from the architects: “Despite its size, Casa Larga appears to be nearly weightless in this solid environment. This feeling intensifies upon entering the building. The light-flooded stairwell connects all the floors with a boyant wooden construction. The building is accessible from the basement floor and reaches up 4 stories in a tower-like fashion. Horizontal corridors have been dispensed with. Vertical lines dominate the building’s motif, which is also echoed in the rhythmically placed, high-reaching windows.” The interiors of this imposing building are dominated by timber which creates a warm atmosphere. The floor to ceiling windows maximize the amount of natural light while in the same time offering stunning views for the inhabitants.