Manhattan beach, California is the place where Steve Lazar from Lazar Design/Build built a home for his family.  The beach environment sets a perfect scene for this contemporary home that welcomes guests with an amazing array of Mangaris wood steps accompanied by a small river flowing over riverbed stones. Actually, the whole house which stands 3 floors tall is embellished on the outside with stained and polished Mangaris wood. A relaxing beach feeling fills the rooms just like the coastal breeze that gently caresses all the rooms after passing by the huge windows and sliding glass doors. The shoreline view has a spectacular effect from inside the contemporary adorned living spaces. Using brown to accentuate the comfortable feeling of home, the designer fluidly reconstructed an open space using modern furniture and accents of blue and green. The nature helps recreate the effect of sweet dreams with every sunset.

White seating areas throughout the house balance the white walls for an incredible visual effect. The bathroom and kitchen mosaic tiles lay the canvas for the modern furniture with stainless steel accents. A living area on the first floor opens into an internal patio – a small luxurious retreat for evenings filled with fresh Californian air. Almost all the windows are framed with an intense shade of brown to accentuate sunlight and make a connection to the outside wood finishes. A glorious home on a perfect beach says more about the inhabitants than anything else: people who love nature and its beauty inspire others to recreate incredible interiors in their own homes.