The color black has been associated with being sleek, sexy and mysterious. When used in home décor, black can bring a sophisticated edge to a home, and when paired with pastel colors it’s contemporary and chic.  Black is a neutral that pairs with every color beautifully, and shines on its own perfectly.  If you’re trying to bring sleek black into your décor, check out how to bring it into these rooms of your home.

  • Add drama with black wall accents: Trying to find an easy way to add drama to a formal dining room or living room area?  Consider painting with a single bold black element on a wall. Whether it is a horizontal band, polka dot, or an abstract painting with black and grey hues.  This drama will leave you less to do in your furnishings, and the visual cue from the wall will take precedence.
  • Layer your living room in black: The beautiful nature of black is to use neighboring neutrals to mix and match in fabrics and textures.  On a couch opt for white, grey, greige, and charcoal grey pillows and throw blankets to add depth and layers.  Black can be the overlying theme for the room, or you can use it more subtly in flooring, window treatments and table décor.
  • Black can spruce up exterior home elements: Believe it or not, black makes an excellent accent to a boring home exterior.  Use high gloss black paint at your front door and accent it with brass or nickel hardware. Paint your mailbox, window shutters, and window/door trim black to complement pale color houses like yellow and light blue.
  • A black bedroom is mysterious: Ever notice how a black bedroom adds a hint of mystery and seduction? Black can be the dominant color of walls, furnishings, bedding and accessories or use black in key minimal elements, like one piece of furniture or wall art. For a romantic bedroom consider using black and white on a canopy bed with white soft material to drape from the canopy posts. Use black flooring in an all white bedroom to add an unexpected contrast to a beautiful room.
  • Black kitchen beckons to be cooked in: Kitchen appliances in black or stainless steel are the elite in adding finishing touches to your kitchen.  If you want to add a hint of sophistication you can add black decorative items and small countertop appliances.  For a more masculine and sleek kitchen, opt for black cabinetry, countertops and/or flooring.  Add a punch of color in an unexpected place to bring in whimsy and visual interest. Who doesn’t want to cook in a kitchen that feels this great!?
  • Use black in your baby nursery: It is said that black, red, and white décor in a nursery are better for early learning. Consider using black and white décor in bedding, furnishings and tactile toys for baby.  Add spots of hot pink or aqua blue to the room to add color and a whimsical tone.

Your home loves black in abundance or in moderation.  Since black is the absence of color it compliments all the other colors in the spectrum beautifully. Throughout your home, black can be daring or it can be subtle. Take your pick and use it to bring personality and style into your home décor.

Freshome reader’s how do you use black in your home décor? In the bathroom or in entertaining spaces, where do you think black looks the best? Share with us, we love to learn from you!