This beautiful home is located in Park Farm, Worcestershire and belongs to the Elizabethan. You are looking at the delightful results of a restoration process that took place after carefully exploring the history of the building. The “new residence” is a mix of old elements ( for example oak beams that are 1000 years old) with modern additions. Here is more information from the official page: “The colour palette of the decoration is simple and traditional being painted in buttermilk limewash on traditional lime-plastered walls. Furnishing is a mix of traditional and contemporary design, many of the pieces have been carefully sourced from individual makers and (I hope) will defy changing fashion. Lighting is simple halogen down-lighters with some notable exceptions – in particular the 1.5m contemporary wire chandelier in the kitchen. The result is a bright and streamlined house that adapts well to the requirements of a growing family.” Lovely, wouldn’t you say?

Historic Farmhouse Restauration in England: Harmony of Old and New