The Cybertecture Mirror is no ordinary reflecting surface. Said to be the “world’s first intelligent mirror”, this gizmo comes to life with the push of a button and from here on things get very… digitalized. The unusual mirror is waterproof and comes with 10W speakers and Wi-Fi. That’s right, this means it can play music loudly and that you can connect to it by accessing its operating system through your laptop (just one of the ways transferring files can be achieved). Aside from singing and connecting to the Internet, this mirror can tell time, calculate your weight, aide its user when doing upper body workout and many many more. We particularly like its “enhanced magic lighting” feature which can be used when applying make-up. With all these applications, it is no wonder that the price for the super-mirror is $7,700. Would you be willing to give it a try under these conditions?- via Gizmodo