For anyone who has escaped to the tropics for rest and relaxation knows the calming effect of blue water.  Blue is the color of the expansive sky above and the gorgeous oceans below, and bringing the color into your home is therapeutic and relaxing.  From the brightest of turquoise to the deepest cobalt blue, it makes your home feel like an oasis, and here are 10 ways to bring it into your home.

1.) Blue in the bathroom is relaxing: Water is associated with movement and the flow of energy in feng shui practices.  When you surround your bathroom in pale blues and subtle neutrals your body feels one with nature. If you have high ceilings in your bathroom, painting them a pale blue will resemble the sky when you relax in your soaking bathtub.

2.) Hints of blue makes a statement: In an all white room, hints of blue window treatments, area rugs and throw pillows will give a serene room feeling of fresh air.  Blue and white reminds us of the sky and clouds which equate to serenity and carefree thoughts.

3.) Take exterior color cues from Greece: Gorgeous blues that resemble the water in Greece lives in their exterior building colors.  Houses with blue doors, trellises and roofs are beautiful amongst the white exteriors of Grecian homes. If you live in a tropical climate, bring blue cues to your home in window, door and garden accents.

4.) Kitchens love blue: If you want a bold statement in your kitchen, consider using blue for your cabinetry and flooring. Paired with white, black and browns a kitchen can be the star attraction of the home. For a subtle kitchen use blue mosaic tiles in a backsplash or opt for blue accent tiles in ceramic flooring.

5.) Open shelving displays: If you’re looking for a beautiful way to display vintage blue and white dishes consider open shelving.  Passed down from generations blue and white dinnerware can be displayed with pops of yellow dinnerware to compliment the beautiful blue hues. Instead of keeping it locked up in a china closet; display it proudly on open white or bright yellow shelves.

6.) Small spaces love turquoise: For small rooms in your home, use bright turquoise to bring in more natural light and to make the room feel happier. Turquoise can be muted or it can bright.  Whichever is your style – pair turquoise with neutral blacks, whites or even pinks for a visual surprise in your space.

7.) Blue is playful in kid’s rooms: Blue isn’t only for boy’s rooms.  Primary blue is used in daycare centers to evoke imagination and creativity. Use pale blue paired with pinks and greens in a girl’s room. Robin Egg’s blue is beautiful in a playroom or nursery where a subtle color palette is preferred.

8.) Laundry rooms feel clean with blue: If you’re looking for a cheery color for your laundry room, blue is psychologically uplifting in a space you don’t love to be in! Blue is perfect for laundry rooms to instill cleanliness feeling while you fold and iron clothes.

9.) Do you like sleeping in the clouds?: Blue is a popular color in bedrooms for serenity and feeling one with the sky and universe. Try adding a blue accent wall to your bedroom paired with lighter tones of blue to give layers of comfort and pleasant vibrations in your bedroom retreat.

10.) Blue is the staple for décor styles: From nautical blues of the sea to cottage style blues of the beach. Navy blue and cornflower blue can bring a decorative style to life in your home. For specific design elements from a decorative style, look to magazines and architectural publications for good examples for your home.

Any room will feel calmed and soothed with the color blue. Add blue to any room where you need serenity or need a shot of cheerful bliss.  If you use darker blues, limit these colors to one or two walls, and use a lighter wainscoting color on the bottom portion of the wall.  For pale blues they can be used on all walls and can also be paired in the fabrics and window treatments of the space. Wherever you use blue, you’ll always feel a sense of tranquility and wholeness.

Freshome reader’s do you use the color blue in any of your interiors? Tell us if you use it as an accent color, or saturate the room in it? Both ways is a welcome addition to your home, isn’t it?