One of the biggest complaints when you are trying to sell your home is how much time it takes to prepare the home for showings.  When a Realtor shows your home it should be shown in its best light possible.  What if you could use home staging tricks that will save time and get you out of your home faster in the morning? Home staging is about making your home appeal to buyers. Follow these 10 staging tricks that will only take minutes a day and will help your home appeal to buyers, inside and out.

1.) Purge and declutter: Before you place your home on the market, purge and declutter excess belongings, furniture to free up space in all rooms. A clean and clear house is an appealing house.  Once you do this time consuming task, all the other steps will fall into place.

2.) Wash dishes the night before: This may sound crazy, but if you wash your dishes and clean the kitchen the night before, in the morning time you will have little to do.  Wipe down all countertop and appliance surfaces before leaving the house. Save the big pancake breakfasts for the weekends!

3.) Hire a cleaning service: If you are always on the go, have a busy family and don’t have time to clean thoroughly, hire a professional cleaning service. Cleaning services appeal to all budgets and will save you time on a daily basis.

4.) Check pet areas regularly: If you have pets, ensure there area is clean and free of pet odors.  Keep cat litter clean and pet beds free of debris and odor. Pet owners need to have disinfectant wipes and odor neutralizing sprays on hand at all times. Check area before leaving in the morning, and sweep area of pet fur daily.

5.) Make your bed every day: When your home isn’t on the market, your children may be able to slip by a day or two without making their bed. When your home is on the market it is essential for it to be made well every day.  This ensures your bedroom will look neat, tidy and appealing to a home buyer.

6.) Take a shower at night: If you can save time not having to clean the bathroom in the morning it will help you.  If you do use the shower in the morning, assure mirrors and all surfaces are wiped down.  Put all toiletry articles under the sink or in a closet. Buyers don’t want to see what deodorant and toothpaste you used!

7.) Pick up toys and belongings: Home buyers want to be able to walk through your home and envision their belongings in the space.  Ensure that all toys and miscellaneous belongings of your family are put away. Use baskets and toy bins for children to stash away their toys quickly and neatly.

8.) Open all window treatments daily: Present the best possible light into your home by letting in natural light. If your showing is at night, turn on all lights throughout the home.  Your home will show better if the home buyer doesn’t have to turn on every light in your home.  Think of walking through a model home – same appeal is what you’re trying to achieve.

9.) Clean off your refrigerator: Your refrigerator and stove are two appliances home buyers like to look at when they enter your kitchen.  Clear all paper, and magnets from the front and sides of your refrigerator. Wipe down your stove and free up all food stains.

10.) Walk around your home daily: It is common for leaves, and debris to blow up onto your front entry or porch. Before you leave in the morning, and come home at night, walk the perimeter of your home to ensure it looks welcoming and inviting. Curb appeal makes a first impression of your home.

Who says your home has to be hard to stage? With some advanced planning, purging and last minute clean ups, home staging can be made easier than you thought.  If you are still feeling overwhelmed, seek the advice of professional home stager. They can help you get your home to its optimal best, and then you and your family can maintain the look. Freshome reader’s have you sold your home with the help of home staging tricks? Share with us which ones have worked for you!