What if we could turn our small apartments into diverse living spaces with a minimum of effort? Today we have a practical and ingenious solution that should inspire you when it comes to doing such a transformation. “Switch” is a project belonging to Yuko Shibata from Japan, who thought about adding two mobile walls in order to create extra working areas within the apartment. Here is more information from the designer: “The addition of two bookshelves, each with a large door, allowed us to create a space with the ability to adapt from home to office or from office to home, while leaving the original floor plan intact. The first bookshelf was added to the meeting room. By moving the large door, the meeting space can be divided in two. The second addition was in the bed room.The opening in the bookshelf creates a passage making it possible to approach the shelf from the office, without passing through the bedroom.” Check out the photos below and the detailed plans at the end of the post for a better understanding and tell us if this project impressed you as much as it impressed us. Photos by Ryohei Hamda. -via Alternate Use