We really enjoy it when we find a residential project that has to do with art. Sure, you could say that most buildings relate to art one way or another, but Villa VH en T was especially developed to house the extensive art collection belonging to the owner. This beautiful and creative home comes from Beel & Achtergael Architects, has a total surface of 862 m2 and is located in Flanders, Belgium. The plan was to create a “small world” by organizing all the rooms on the ground floor U-shaped around the outdoor patio. The living room is the focal point of the whole residence and also the place where guests can gather around, have fun and talk about art while actually admiring it. Floor to ceiling windows and walls painted in white transform this architecture project into a “spotless” (to be read “without fault”) home whose features are worth discovering step by step. Photos: Filip Dujardin- via Platforma Arquitectura