We all know how versatile Lego is. You can build anything with the little coloured pieces. Now you can store your stuff in Giant LEGO Bricks from the collection from STORE. Exactly like the Lego pieces for kids, there storage solutions can be clicked together giving the possibility of creating your own storage units that fit your home. Kids can enjoy these Giant LEGO Bricks but also learn how to keep their room clutter free. The glossy plastic storage Lego pieces that measure 18cm high x 50cm wide x 25cm deep on the outside and 11cm high x 48cm wide x 22.5cm deep on the inside can help anyone keep in touch with their childhood memories by stylishly choosing colours and shapes that best fit their interior design.

Two forms are available: medium and large – the medium Lego Storage Brick has 4 “knobbly bits” while the large one has 8. You can buy the Large Lego Brick from here and the medium one from here. The collection is not complete without a Giant LEGO Man Storage Head. An impressive 28cm high x 24cm across storage solution with an interesting visual twist can decorate your racks, fireplace, console table or can be used to keep your keys in the hallway. Where would you put your Giant LEGO Man Storage Head? – Via OhGizmo