Push Architects are the creators of this Australian home set on a river frontage. Built very close to the river, on an elevated plateau, 70 Residence was designed to be an “L” shaped building with two storeys. The main part of the house is thought out to promote natural ventilation in the big double height roofed court. This entrance is protected from the seasonal sun by a screen that creates a strong visual context for both the house and the courtyard.  Stairs take you to the bottom of the riverfront and offer an escape into the wilderness of nature. There are a few intermediate platforms that strive to take your breath away until you reach the river.

To the south the house has glazed walls that offer an incredible view of the river front. The main living area and master bedroom borrow the glamorous feeling of comfort by the river and strike a chord with anyone who  dares to take part in nature`s seasonal offerings of warmth, sunshine or  windy rain. The western part of the house shelters most of the services of the house and protects the whole building from the direct afternoon sun and the windy days. The cooling air has been captured with the help of the courtyard and pool, which have been strategically placed. The client for whom the house was built wanted a closer relationship with the river and every aspect of the house tries to make this wish come true: the view in the dining area and bedroom, the terrace, the pool and the 80m stair to the river.