This idea might be just the start point for those of you who never done DiY. It is a very simple and gorgeous way to personalise simple boxes from IKEA.  There are only a few materials that you will need: IKEA Kassett cd boxes, road maps, scissors and glue (rubber cement or 3M Super-77 sprays).  These $ 4.99/pair boxes could be personalised with road maps from your travelling experiences so that they will always remind you of your trips while looking beautiful and interesting.  The steps you need to follow are shown in the pictures below.

The things you need to remember are: you should work panel-by-panel, starting with the front. This is where the most interesting part of the map will be. Cut a piece of the map and make sure it is at least 1.5” larger than the panel then glue it to the front of the box and fold the edges over. Work your way to the back  then the sides and lastly the bottom.  Once the boxes are dry, clear the holes for the mounting hardware and poke through from the inside with a sharp knife or cutter. Once you have finished reassembling the boxes, you can use them to decorate your home office or even any part of the house. This DiY project is a dream come true for the traveller in you. Enjoy and have fun! – Via – IKEAHacker