Expensive etched glass and stained glass windows are beautiful but come with a hefty price tag to match.  In past years, in order to have beautiful designs in your windows you had to pay a window retailer or commission an artisan to make a custom design for you. These days window film is a beautiful solution for homes that want privacy, light control, or a decorative edge. It is easy to install, comes in a variety of applications and can transform your view in a matter of minutes.  Check out these different ways you can use window film to give your home a new look and feel.

1.) Mural window film can liven up a room: Wall and window murals have a huge appeal these days.  They are fun to look at, and can recreate an atmosphere instantly.  Mural window film can be opaque and keep light out or you can choose transparent or translucent varieties that will show an image and partially let in light.

2.) Use window film in children’s bathroom: For many children learning to use the bathroom, being able to see outside is distracting and can feel embarrassing. Use window film to add privacy as well as whimsical patterns to the décor.

3.) Prevent glare from high windows: Many window have high, clerestory or transom windows that let bright sun through them.  It is not always advantageous to put window coverings over these windows for aesthetics or expense.  Window film can be cut into the exact shape you need and provide decorative solutions to bothersome sun rays.

4.) Mask unsightly views with window film: Do you have a room in your home that has less than desirable views? Whether it’s an alley, overlooking a poorly kept neighbor’s yard, or a brick wall, window film can cover the view, but still let in natural light.  This tip is also good for college students or apartment dwellers that can’t change their views on the outside of their home.

5.) Liven up side windows at a front entry door: Does your front entry door have side windows that people look through before you can get to the door? Window film is an inexpensive way to decorate those windows, let the light in, and keeps your overly anxious guests patient on the outside!

6.) Window film can keep your energy costs low: If you live in a climate that is prone to high temperatures and radiating sun rays, sun protective window film is a good option.  Similar to sunglasses for your eyes, sun film will block many harmful UV rays, and keep your home cooler. Use this kind of window film in rooms that have furniture and carpet that is prone to fading due to the sun’s harmful rays.

7.) Beautify a library: Stained glass window film is perfect for rooms that can use a cast of soft ambient light with privacy.  Home offices and libraries can benefit with window film and its versatility.  Change to different films for different décor options instantly.

8.) Bring a winter feeling into your home: Bring the feeling of winter into your home with frosted window film. If you live in a warm climate and miss the cold, blustery weather around the holidays, window film can create the season on your windows.  Less messy than spray on foams that are applied for a similar effect.

9.) Bathroom privacy is essential: Whether it is your shower enclosure or the windows facing outside from your bathroom, privacy is important. Use window film in a shower enclosure for the entire glass – or use in horizontal bands to add visual interest.

10.) Use window film where your plants need indirect sun: If you have a sun porch with plants, but the sun is too harsh, consider using window film to detract direct sunlight rays.  Levels of shading can be chosen. Window film comes in a variety of colors, hues and can help your plants live year around.

Consider using window film before you spend a lot of money on replacing your windows.  Whether you have lived in your home for a short time and don’t like your view, or for those who want a décor change, window film can give your home privacy without the expense! Freshome reader’s do you have window film in your home? Was it easy to install? If you don’t wouldn’t you love to try some?