Karen O`Leary stunned us with a collection of paper-cut maps of San Francisco, Singapore, New York, Madrid, Vancouver and Berlin. Hand cut from Strathmore thick watercolour paper with textured surface and rough edges, these amazing original maps are 30″ in length and 22″ in height. A lot of hard work went into making these incredible maps and the price captures this: $ 1,100 for some. Every intricate design captures streets, boulevards, circles, parks, paths, all the amazing elements that make up great cities all over the world.

The artist re-imagines maps that continuously change in real life. Gorgeous maps like these ones would help you capture a moment in time, cities that make history. Karen uses the beauty of simple vertical and horizontal lines to recreate a well known image, to raise it above practicality and put a new spin on a usual object. Put them next to other objects you collected from your trips and you will have an amazing story. The maps, as described by Karen herself: “Imagine all the sounds and smells and feelings of being in a large city……then try to transfer that to paper without using words.  Only by using a knife or a pen.  These maps reveal the density and delicacy of a modern city with a single element and infinite subtleties.”