Sweden is, again, the territory where good home design happens very often. On the Musko Island rises a gorgeous contemporary house designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune. This prefabricated home has only one storey on top of which lies an asymmetric folded roof. The main entrance stands in the middle of the house and shelters the living area and kitchen. The bedrooms are positioned on the sides of the building. There are two more buildings specially designed to house the guest rooms and a wonderful sauna. The Folded Roof House can be purchased from a catalogue as it is prefabricated and has the advantage of having a fixed price but at the same time to be designed by top architects.  The construction is completely handled by the building company.

A wonderful terrain surrounds the home and acts as a natural landscape frame fitted to offer a continuation of the building into nature. Perfectly merged with the rocks around, the house`s roof acts as an edge with a beautiful visual impact. From the side, it resembles a bird`s wing span, gently sloping upward from the middle to the sides. The interior is kept clean by modern lines and a combination of white and powerful colours.  The exterior colours have been brought inside with the help of a few grass-green carpets and a soft nautical feeling comes from all the lines displayed on the cushions and houseware. Water is a strong element that surrounds this Folded Roof House – a pool, as well as the lake give that wonderful feeling of peace in the middle of nature.