White interiors and décor have long been associated with formality and immaculate surroundings.  In home design, the front formal room that special guests sat in seemed to be the one room that no one was aloud in! Today, white has taken on a new look, from casual interiors to soft fabrics, tones of white are gorgeous and are for everyday living.  By adding pops of color to white, or adding dark, rich colors, white seems to have taken on a new persona in modern home décor. Here are 10 ways to beautify your home with white, the most versatile color in the spectrum!

1.) Vary tones of white: White can be paired up with beiges, tans, off-white and ecru to give tone on tone color that makes white less stuffy and friendlier. Vary whites with patterns, and textures to enliven a space and add visual interest.

2.) Plumbing fixtures compliment white: Fixtures in chrome, antique bronze or brushed nickel show off the inherent nature of white sinks, bathtubs and showers.  Farm house sinks with their exposed apron are beautiful in white. Add shiny chrome fixtures to your white kitchen and it will always appear clean and crisp.

3.) White in the kitchen: Long gone are the days when kitchen cabinets were only left naturally stained in varying shades of brown. White cabinetry alongside white marble or granite countertops is clean and classic.  Bring in deep chestnut browns in a butcher block island counter and the two colors compliment each other flawlessly.

4.) Make a room feel larger with white: If you’re trying to figure out how to add space and depth to a room, use white. White reflects light and thereby adds a roomy feeling to the smallest of rooms.  Use varying shades of whites on walls to create a relaxing mood without it feeling sterile.

5) Bathrooms feel clean and bright with white: Have you ever noticed most hotel bathrooms are white? White bathrooms feel luxurious and clean.  Bathrooms are the one room that perception is reality, and you will relax and unwind in a white bathroom.  From bath linen to white fluffy robes, indulge!

6.) Add dark colors for a dramatic feel to your space: If you prefer a sophisticated and refined feel to your space, add steel gray, espresso browns, and varying shades of blacks. The high contrast between white and these dark colors command attention and respect.  Use these combinations in formal entertaining spaces and wow your guests!

7.) Use durable fabric around children: Don’t think that you can’t enjoy white interiors with children around.  The color white works well in nurseries and play rooms when paired with bright primary colors or soothing pastels.  Use washable slipcovers on furniture and use durable khaki and denim fabrics on throw pillows. These materials wash well, and will keep looking good for many washes.

8.) White trim brightens any room: White crown molding, base trim, chair rails and wainscoting compliments every color of the rainbow for paint colors.  White trim finishes off the ceiling and floor with a refined and professional appeal.

9.) Add color accessories: Use bright colors in throws, pillows and area rugs to brighten up a white living area space.  A white seating area with pops of bright color is modern and fun.  The brighter the colors the more playful the atmosphere will feel.

10.) White is timeless: Regardless of the trends, white will be a classic next year, and 100 more into the future. From paint colors to décor, white is classic and timeless and will make any room look brighter and crisp with its fresh use.

White can bring your home a much needed amount of freshness and light.  Each room can use white by itself, paired with punches of color, or contrasted with darker colors for added sophistication. Your style and lifestyle will help determine how white will transform your home!

Freshome reader’s do you think white is too formal, or do you use white for its casual side too?