Bainbridge Island is home to this beautiful modern structure that COOP 15 architecture has built on an old foundation of 3100 square feet plus annexes. The Wingpoint Residence is just a few feet away from the beach so that the artists living here can be inspired by the relaxing surrounding water. The organized living spaces are stacked on two levels and also house an art studio beloved by the inhabitants of this contemporary home. The studio overwhelms the artist by offering a beautiful view through the large triple-glazed windows. As any modern home, this construction has been made from sustainable materials. The outside is a combination of concrete and cladding adorned with big windows that offer the river a chance to enchant and inspire.

On the inside, the architects played with comfort by installing heated concrete floors and counters made from concrete and recycled glass. The living area on the first floor is home to an impressive bookcase and continues into an opened kitchen with a place for  dining  that leaves you to be a pray to the riverfront picture. The stairs leading up to the second floor are reclaimed wooden stairs with a modern yet vintage feeling. Beautiful dark coated railings contrast with the natural wood colour of the stairs. Art is present all throughout the house: the guitars in the lobby and the paintings on the wall build up to the fulfilment that culminates in the artist’s studio. The perfectly mowed lawn leads to the waterfront and completes the exceptional presence of this home.