American office furniture manufacturer Herman Miller needs no introduction. His works speak for themselves: evolved designs with a futuristic feel that are as comfortable as a mother`s womb. Inspired by the marine form of both a sailboat and a bridge, he and his collaborator, Yves Behar, created one of the most beautiful and functional office chairs: the Sayl Chair: “People at their best live unframed, going beyond expectations to surprise and delight us. With SAYL, we set out to design and build a chair family that gives form to that spirit.”

No frames are needed to sustain this 93 % recyclable chair made from up to 21% recycled content materials. The chair is available in many colours to suit your every need. The inspiration for the back support comes from san Francisco`s best-known landmark: the Golden Gate Bridge. A suspension tower runs along the back of the chair to strengthen it while reducing weight and use of materials. The actual comfortable support comes from the flexible elastomer suspension material that keeps you cool but also allows a great range of motions. Looking at the chair from the side reveals the sailing vessels inspiration. Take another good look from all angles and you will also understand the name: replace the “i” in “sail” with the “Y” reflected by the back support structure and you get a beautifully crafted chair with a meaningful name.