In most homes we all are trying to find one more space in your home to store belongings. In your home, you may have an office that is adjacent to the noisy family room or you might be looking to add on to your home to have a dedicated room for your scrap booking.  If you have a home that has an attic, you may have just solved your problem! Whether your attic is finished or not, consider these tips to maximize the space you have. From recreation to a cozy retreat, look at these tips for making your attic your new home renovation.

1.) Determine if your attic can be used as a room: If your attic is already finished off with drywall then you are already half way there! While, if you have an unfinished space – meaning the studs are still showing and electric and other services may not be installed yet, continue reading.  Before you decide to finish off the space, these considerations need to be made.  How will you heat or cool the space and do additional ducts need to run into the attic? Examine if there are any leaks, or moisture has come from the roof.  If so, have all repairs made before you apply drywall and insulation.

2.) Determine how you will access it: Many attics have the luxury of having a full set of stairs leading up to the space and are often termed ‘lofts’. In this situation you are fortunate to be able to furnish with full sized furniture.  If you have to access the attic with a ladder, spiral stair, or modified shorter tread stairs you may have to bring self assembly furniture into the attic in pieces.  Depending on how you access your attic, keep this in mind when having small children access the space.

3.) All the options are yours: If you can dream it, you can make your attic into it.  For large attic spaces consider using it for a recreational room with pool table, seating and other recreational games. If you can place a bathroom adjoining the attic space this can be termed a “bonus room” that can be used as a bedroom/home office/ or play area for children. If you need an extra work room for crafts, scrapbooking, or tranquility and peace an attic is a perfect space to relax.

4.) Adding light: What can make or break your attic space is how much light can be supplied to it.  If you have dormer windows, skylights, or operable windows these are ideal for letting in natural light on a daily basis. Depending on the height of the ceiling, windows may or may not be convenient in your attic. Consider solar tubes installed from the roof into the attic space to ‘bounce’ and reflect light into your attic space if windows are a challenge. In the evening hours, make sure lighting is either hardwired into multiple corners of the attic space and/or have ample electrical outlets supplied throughout for lamps and artificial light sources. Around the stairs or ladder make sure there is sufficient lighting for maneuvering.

If you haven’t thought about using your attic to add usable space to your home, revisit the idea. If you’re selling your home, once finished off, this space can be added to the overall square footage of your home! Extra space always adds buyer appeal and value.  If you’re going to stay in your home the options are limitless, and once completed will suddenly be the most used space in the house.  Remember to consider energy costs when considering an attic, as additional square footage also means additional energy costs.  You and your family can beautifully maximize your extra attic space with these helpful tips and ideas.

Freshome reader’s do you have an attic space in which you have converted into a usable room? Tell us how you take advantage of your extra space.