L House is an eye-catching architecture project designed by Philippe Stuebi and located in Zurich, Switzerland. With a budget of US$ 1.9 Million , this home manages to surprise and intrigue due to its variety and impeccable design. Its shape is truly unique and here is the explanation from the architect: “the expressive volumetry emerged thanks to the special form of the plot and the requirement of the constructor to place a maximal volume on the plot. With the method of the hollowing out the room program and the sculptural building body became incorporated. The sketch development was a work of lining up the demanded areas to a movement going through the house: stretch, widths, narrowing, grinding out from mass to a coherent sequence of space according to the principle of the enfilade“. What we like most about this residence is its youthful feel, the way the white and pink of the exterior go with the trees in blossom, the bookcase that most people probably dream of and its beautiful contemporary interior design.-via Arch Daily

ground floor plan

first floor plan

second floor plan