Hotel “Le Seven” is located next to the Latin Quarter, in the heart of old Paris, an enchanting tourist area, filled with various restaurants and commercial centers. The hotel features seven unusual looking suites and a few “levitating furniture” rooms which the customers can book online. Each of these apartments has its own special design theme: 007, The “Alice” Suite (a tribute to Alice in Wonderland), Marie Antoinette (a colorful reminder of the French Royal court), Sublime, On/Off suite (an apartment which can change its design with the push of a button), The Black Diamond, and Lovez-Vous. The subtle and sophisticated luxury of all these suites will certainly make a big impression on anyone visiting them. The themes were chosen and redefined by four experienced designers: Vincent Bastie, Virginie Cauet, Sylvia Corrette and Paul-Bertrand Mathieu. The price shown on the official site for one night’s stay in Seven Hotel starts from 485€ for a themed suite and from 134$ for the “Levitation” rooms. We are eager for you to check out the photos and tell us which theme would be your first choice.


“Marie Antoinette”




The Black Diamond”