A more inviting apartment is often very hard to come by. Here is a charming 114 m2 attic home that spells “coyness” and impresses due to its overall harmony and peaceful atmosphere. The crib has no less than three bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and two bathrooms (you can see more on the structure of this place in the photo at the bottom of the post). The living room is particularly appealing with its unusually inclined walls, its fresh color palette and a few decorating elements of great effect, such as the picture frames and the small rustic flower supports. The room is big and bright, mainly because of two large windows with overhead light in the west with a lovely view over the city rooftops. The ceiling height is impressive and the oak parquet flooring goes great with the walls which are painted in a harmonious green tone.  Each room is alive, surprising and worth discovering. Enjoy!