Here is a home which manages to combine playfulness with soberness. Designed by Judd Lysenko Marshall Architects, the Ormond Esplanade residence is located in Melbourne, Australia and comes with a highly original architecture. Here is a fun version of the brief of the project from the architects: ” No, they said. Make it Saint Kilda.And, make it light. Make it bright. Make it tight. Add all of the green stuff too, please. And, we want it beachy. Maybe like a boat? And it better be fun. Serious fun.Hmn. How about spotted gum? Or even better, spotty gum…” Not always easy being an architect? Well, in this case we think the team did a great job in meeting the client’ expectations. This building is unique, colorful, alive, and perfect for a family home with kids. Moreover, sustainability is a strong feature of this place, as the house is equipped with solar panels, natural ventilation systems and wide windows of unusual shapes for filling the interiors with natural light.