The Levytator is said to be “the world’s first freeform curved escalator”. Designed by Professor Jack Levy of the City University, London, this project is highly innovative. While the common escalators (that are present at the subways or in malls for example) feature redundant steps which move underneath those that we can actually see, the Levytator consists of curved modular units which form a loop that can go back and forth (like the common escalators), but also around corners. Here is some information from the designer: “As all of the steps can be accessed from above, maintenance can be carried out much more easily. It also means that no excavation is required when installing the Levytator. This could be particularly useful in the heritage sector, where the system could be placed on top of a grand staircase in a listed stately home, providing better access for elderly and disabled visitors, but not destroying the fabric of the building.” This escalator can carry twice as many people than a common stair system and clears the paths for an infinite number of stair shapes. Do you find this design practical or hard to get used to?-via Wired