The Lily Street House is a very original looking building in Melbourne, Australia, designed by ODR Architects together with Life Space Journey. Although its compact shape, the simple iron fence and the overall sober exterior may give away the feeling that this residence is serious and cold, we challenge you to give it a second glance. When inside, the perspective changes dramatically. Floor to ceiling windows and large open areas filled with light make for a fresh living space. The central living room is particularly charming and features a modern sofa, a comfortable armchair, a fireplace and a transparent sliding door which connects it to the exterior. This is the perfect spot for “observing” what takes place in this residence, as this particular room has unobstructed views over the hallway, stairs, kitchen and upper floor. There are plenty of contemporary elements that stand out, such as the dining table, the stairs, abstract paintings and so on. In our opinion, elegance is the most striking feature of this place, given by the tasteful arrangements and the black and white design theme.- via Contemporist