Underground parking just got a new meaning! UK based firm, Cardock, has come up with this great idea for a world where people are constantly searching for more space. This underground garage accomplishes two important things: you can safely park your car with the push of a button saving space at the same time. Cars can even be parked on top of each other thus offering an efficient system for urban areas too.Cardok is powered by an electronic hydraulic system that lifts and lowers a platform to show or hide your car. The system can support a weight of 3 tons per deck so a family with more than one car can use this garage without facing the problems that come with adding a new space for the second car. There already is a Cardock Mono installed in a luxury apartment cluster in Bowdon, Cheshire and another version has found a home in London, next to a luxury home. This last one features a double underground garage that can shelter two cars.

Fianlly if you’d like to see this new technology in action see for yourself how this space saving safe garage works in the video below.