If you are a Super Mario fan (and who isn’t? ), here’s a chance to decorate your home with a fascinating looking version of the crazy video game character. 8BITWOOD is a firm that produces beautiful wood creations which feature “a journey into the madness of homemade pixel art”. With characters from famous retro games, such as Space Invaders, Mario, Ninja Gaiden, Excite Bike and so on, these additions will surely turn a common interior into a playful and relaxing room. Here is more information from the designer: “I work in the videogame industry and I thought what better way to pay homage to my favorite games than to cut out thousands of little blocks of wood, stain them, glue them together, seal them and then hang the result on the wall?” We think these wooden pieces of art would go great in any gamer’s crib or in a public gaming place. For more information of for purchasing these products, you can go here. Which one’s your favourite?