Freshome reader’s: We are in the process of expanding the Freshome experience for you, our valued audience.  Freshome would like to take you from not only looking at magnificent architecture and interiors, to virtually ‘living and playing’ in the space. We’d like to create a Freshome social interacting arena that you and your friends, coworkers, and clients could meet, compete, and have fun in a Freshome society.

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You could live in a Freshome 'virtual' home!

What are we looking for? Ideas from you!  What great ideas do you have for a home design themed social gaming experience? Tell us on our Facebook Page ( a few people already did it – take a look here ) and leave comments below.

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Live, play, and interact with others in the Freshome community

Freshome community you have made one of the largest online magazines for modern architecture, and interior design! We want to take the experience to a whole new level with your input – hey, it’s for you!

We will be polling and taking comments for one week, starting Sep. 28 – Oct.01. Make sure and get in on the creation of something big!