PPG Pittsburgh Paints (PPGPP) has been coloring homes for generations, and they have introduced a system to help you select colors through imagery, metaphors and senses.  Their Voices of Color design system will make you think differently about how you choose colors and gravitate to some more than others.  Freshome interviewed Dee Schlotter, Brand Manager for the Voice of Color and she explains how the idea of choosing colors will help your home look the way you feel.

FRESHOME: Pittsburgh Paints has a long standing tradition of showcasing beautiful wall paint colors and palettes.  What ways are Pittsburgh Paints trying to connect with individuals in their sense of personality and style?

PPGPP: We understand the frustrations of selecting a paint color. We strive to simplify the process while inspiring our users to create homes where they feel most comfortable. To do this, PPG Pittsburgh Paints created color tools such as the Color Sense Game, yearly color trends, exclusive color families and color palettes and decorating color chips.

FRESHOME: Freshome readers are very familiar with colors being associated with their moods. Explain the unique Voice of Color design system that Pittsburgh Paints has invented.

PPGPP: PPG Pittsburgh Paints palettes reflect on the premise that every color has an emotional association and that individuals are drawn to different colors for reasons inherently tied to their unique personalities.  With this in mind, we want to better the understanding of why we gravitate to certain colors and create colors that individuals will connect with. The Voice of Color program does this by identifying preferences through images, emotional words, metaphors, and senses. Choosing from nearly 2,000 colors may seem overwhelming. But in fact, The Voice of Color is an integrated, comprehensive design system that offers tools and materials to eliminate the headache of selecting a paint color.

FRESHOME:How will the Color Sense Game help individual’s find their ideal color choices?

PPGPP: As mentioned above, The Voice of Color offers tools to help match preferred paint colors and personalities. The cornerstone tool in the system is the Color Sense Game. We believe that choosing a color is truly a personal experience and the Color Sense Game certainly reflects this.

Users of the interactive game respond to a number of visual and textual questions on color influencers such as emotion, the five senses, and core personality. Some questions are clearly connected with home décor, while others lend psychological or abstract perspectives.  After completing the game, users will discover their primary and secondary color personalities. Each personality is embodied by one of nine PPG Pittsburgh Paints/PPG Porter Paints Harmony Collection color families helping users narrow color choices and find the perfect fit.

FRESHOME: What advice would you give our readers regarding anxiety over choosing colors for their homes?

PPGPP: Selecting a paint color doesn’t have to be stressful – it can be an intriguing and exciting process.  My advice is to remember there are tools available to help.  Engage in the conscious association between color selection, personality and self-expression that will empower you to make relevant and meaningful color choices.

FRESHOME: What trends in fashion, architecture, interiors, etc… have influenced new Pittsburgh Paint colors this year?

PPGPP: Not only is it important for us to inspire our users, but at PPG Pittsburgh Paints, we are also always looking innovative color inspiration in order to offer the most current color research and trends to our users.

Recently PPG color experts found a profound inspiration at Frank Lloyd Wright’s historic home in Mill Run, Pennsylvania – Fallingwater.  The collection redefines the organic and restful, yet intense colors selected by Wright for Fallingwater in 1936. It incorporates a modern, bold sensation created from warm shades of red, gold and yellow-green. The 13 shades in the Fallingwater collection were selected by our color experts from the fabrics, walls, furniture, and surrounding landscape of Wright’s historic home and are authenticated by Fallingwater.

FRESHOME: Do you have a personal favorite Pittsburgh Paint color? What is the most popular trending color for 2010?

PPGPP: Personally, I’m drawn to Sea Sprite? an aqua color that is fresh and airy, but not too clean of a color. I also really like the Atmospheric collection. It’s comprised of 100 complex neutrals colors—complex meaning the neutrals blend seamlessly with a wide variety of fabrics, flooring, furniture and complementary colors allowing for great flexibility to work with other colors in a room. The colors seem to adapt to the changes in light throughout the day and provide a full range of veiled tones and misty shades that bring that elusive, refined elegance to a space.

For 2010, the most trending colors are those with staying power. Homeowners are taking a much more conscientious approach to color and choosing color that will remain relevant.  A trend is never just one color, but a mood incorporating several colors. The color trend palettes in PPG Pittsburgh Paints’ The Voice of Color® program for 2010/2011 absolutely reflect personal moods through the Canvas, Grace, Pink City and Zest palettes. Blending calming, classic neutrals with standouts such as an exotic raspberry pink and an uplifting bright yellow, the palettes allow users to reinvent themselves and their living spaces with timeless colors.

FRESHOME: What makes Pittsburgh Paints a leader in the paint industry?

PPGPP: With more than 20 color stylists around the world and 100 years of providing quality paints, we take pride in acting as a paint industry leader and continuously pursue innovative color trends.

We look to the future for inspiration which includes paint that reflects environmental and economic awareness.  Recently, we developed PPG Pure Performance®, a premium quality paint that has zero VOCs and features minimal odor during application and drying. It is the first paint to receive Green Seal® Class A Certification.

FRESHOME:What do you think of the Freshome site?

PPGPP: It’s refreshing that anyone from interior design professionals to homeowners can refer to Freshome for décor inspiration and simple approaches for homeowners to apply what they see on the blog to their own homes.

Dee Schlotter is Brand Manager, The Voice of Color, PPG. She brings more than 6 years of color marketing experience and 12 years of paint experience to The Voice of Color® program. To use the Voice of Color program visit PPG.