This Australian contemporary beauty sits tall ever since Jackson Clements Burrows Pty Ltd Architects saw it finished. It all began with the first visit to the future house location. The architects found a hollowed out burnt log which became the focal point in designing this house. The log suggested the form of the house, while the surrounding dunes moulded the shape of the construction. The winding driveway makes its way to the house by climbing the steep dune and remains hidden from view with the help of a screen fence.

Belonging to a retired couple that is often visited by their family,  the lower level consists of guest accommodations as well as the mechanical systems and pool equipment spaces. The first floor is elevated so that the residents can enjoy the impressive views across the Mornington Peninsula from Bass Strait to Port Philip Bay. The orientation to the northwest made it difficult to control the heating during summer so, in order to protect the comfort, blinds automatically close once the sun passes through the north axis.

The first floor shelters the kitchen, dining, living, garage and laundry, while on the second floor  we can find the study, master bedroom and en suite. The hollowed out burnt log served as inspiration not only to the form, but to the colours chosen for the exterior and interior. The natural finish cladding on the outside, as well as the cedar windows combined with the spotted gum hardwood cladding on the inside are a constant reminder of the log.