Twin Lofts is an incredible architecture project located in the southern part of Milan from Federico Delrosso. What was once a factory became an impressive residential complex, “a single-cell organism divided into two volumes structurally identical and  internally similar but opposite”. The residence of these twin homes are the architect, Federico Delrosso and Alessandro Sartori, a renowned Italian fashion designer. Here is more information: “The ground floors of the two lofts, each comprise the mirrored halls, open kitchens, and the apertures onto the small private gardens, a long table with high seating, a bathroom and the staircase that goes up to the floors above.”

“Working with the same elements I created interiors with different spirits. In the first one, in fact, the staircase is the strong element,  thanks to its volumes (which incorporate the bathroom), the raw material (pickled iron) with bare welds and the risers of the stairs left hollow, so that as you go up your point of view changes and the staircase is lightened and acquires the consistency of origami. In the second loft, by contrast, I dematerialized the staircase using crystal for the treads and transforming the supporting structure into a simple white stepped line (painted iron)  which developed upwards.” We think this idea of turning an old factory into a home is sustainable and daring. And as we are looking through the end results, we can’t help but appreciate this project even more. How do you find it?