Italian accessories company AK47 has come up with a modern simple and fresh solution for storing firewood. In a contemporary apartment with a gorgeous fireplace this piece would look amazing! Flex chair takes on any shape needed to compliment your interior decorating. Made from a sheet of hardened steel that morphs into the shape of an oval or a flame, Flex can turn into an unusual chair or an ottoman. One can enjoy the Flex in many ways, creating a whole scene of modernism and appealing visual effect. Your books will have a comfortable nook to sleep in and you will be more relaxed while enjoying a good book anywhere in the house.

Designer Barbara Bolis used her abilities to express the need for genuine storage solutions while saving space. Just think of the aroma of wood ready to offer wonderful moments by the fireplace. Explore every feature this modern chair design has to offer and enjoy life to the fullest by using all your senses.  This piece of furniture looks like an intriguing fireplace accessory in any way you use it. Stylishly blended together in a modern design, Flex has a texture that supports the body well and comes in three colours: white, black and grey.

Flex is perfect for small apartments with a small and cosy fireplace. Sticking to the idea that more room can be created through finding new ways to deal with the existing environment, the product designer used material, form and function to contribute to a new emerging trend. Do you save space in your home by creatively buying furniture?