The Bijou Resto Bar in Montreal Canada features the innovative line of Brazilian Cherry recycled flooring from Staybull Flooring that were designed by Moureaux Hauspy & Associates. Located in the Marriott Hotel adjacent to the Montreal Airport, the Bijou Resto Bar serves thousands of travelers and guests daily. The designers needed a hardwood flooring material that would complement the bar’s contemporary décor. More importantly, they needed material that would handle constant foot traffic plus the pounding heavy luggage and rolling casters would induce. The designers at Moureaux Hauspy chose Staybull Flooring™ because of its extremely durable and can be installed over concrete without fear of cupping, or twisting.

The designers were also comforted by how a Staybull™ floor can be refinished multiple times. The finished floor effortlessly blends Brazilian Cherry’s grain patterns and golden to reddish brown colors. By combining hardwood in such an exciting way, this Staybull™ floor creates a cool and chic foundation that raises the look of the bar’s contemporary décor. Overall, the completed Bijou Resto Bar offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere for travel-weary visitors.