Mood Swings Apartment Store in Moscow, Russia got some help from Fredrick Nilsby and Cyril Duval in creating this beautiful showroom. The concept behind this Store was inspired by Alice in Wonderland. There are four spaces divided by different types of wishes a fashion-savvy woman  would look for: Simple, Classic, Funny and Avantgarde. These symbols of a woman`s moods embrace the costumers from the minute they walk in.

Carring many well-known brand for women, Mood Swings Apartment Store has two levels interconnected through a staircase that hides a face bookshelf. The black staircase plays with the imagination by offering a playing cards scenario to accentuate the theme. The huge tree that shelters the fake library is a reminder of the rabbit`s hole from Lewis Caroll`s novel. Stepping down the stairs means going from the classic and simple upstairs to the funny and bohemian downstairs.

The spinning cake that belongs to the mysterious underworld is mixed with chequered floors and fantasy-like splashes of colour. Mannequins here are custom painted so that they fit in with the decor.  Imagination spins its wheels when walking in the most exquisite of the rooms: The Funny room. Vegetation on trellis and a huge bunny hedge welcomes the customer to this fantastic unrealistic world of wonders.  Even the cupboards on the entrance floor are custom made into fitting rooms so that Narnia can be considered another inspiration for Mood Swings. “Almost all furniture and interior elements was produced in Sweden and many pieces was also found in different stores around Stockholm. An absolutely non-minimalistic project! ” says interior designer Fredrick Nilsby.