The people from Nook Sleeping Systems chose a very cute name for this one of a kind mattress: the Pebble Mattress. Inspired by natural pebbles not only  for the visual effect, but to keep air circulating on the surface, this gorgeous mattress will create a sleeping pattern that fosters sweet dreams while protecting the whole body from toxic microbes. Created for infants by an army of scientists, designers, social psychologists and parents, the Pebble mattress offers many features that don`t go unnoticed when it comes to a child`s health and well-being. The soft pebbles motif creates valleys for airflow and this layer can be taken off and thrown into the washing machine.But if you want, you can have a fitted crib sheet that goes beautifully with any crib. It seldom needs washing because it is made from stain, water and microbe resistant fibres. The exterior pebble fabric is made from temperature-regulating organic cotton.

Fire resistant organic wool sustains the healthy interior of the mattress and the natural latex core is filled with channels that improve the air circulating on a deeper layer while supporting the infant`s body. The form itself rapidly bounces back when weight is removed. This proves the reliability of the Pebble mattress once again. There is one more feature that raises interest: the Eucalyptus fibres used for drawing moisture away from the child`s body and ensuring a good, long, uneventful night`s sleep. Plus, the eco-friendly environmental impact of harvesting eucalyptus is the lowest of any other natural fibre – so it is safe to ask what better mattress is there for your child? Too bad they don`t make them for adults because I would be the first person to change my normal mattress with this incredibly gorgeous sleeping aid.