If you have ever seen a more creative way of storing a bike, we would like to challenge you to prove it by posting a photo on our Freshome Facebook Fan Page. This ingenious shelving bike storage idea was created by Chris Brigham who had worked for over a decade in web designing. After collaborations with resonant names such as Design Magazine-ONE and Google, his need for tangible objects increased and so he decided to start his own firm, Knife & Saw: “My aim for Knife & Saw is to be a place where people can come with a problem or idea and I can take that and build something to fit it. I felt like it was hard to find custom built furniture that was somewhat affordable around town, so I’m hoping to fill that void.” And it is true that most people have trouble housing their bicycles and that this is an elegant and affordable solution. However, since the bike will be stored indoors and placed on the wall, it should be clean all the time, which may be a small drawback to this design.- via gblog