Infiniski Manifesto House is a beautiful project from Infiniski designers James&Mau (Jaime Gaztelu and Mauricio Galeano). Eco-friendly, made from reused and recycled materials, this modular architectonic beauty sits tall in Curacavi, Chile. The interior design and furniture was created by Comodo and different styles were mixed in order to achieve an elegant  and modern interior.

Manifesto`s exterior is made from wooden panels on one side and from recycled pallets on the other.  The exterior panels describe a very important feature in all Infinski designs: eco-friendly sustainability. Being made out of wood coming from sustainable forests, the panelling had to be placed smartly so that air can circulate and cool down the entire house. The two floors are actually four containers mounted on top of each other. On the bottom floor, a large opened living area was created. Huge windows and sliding doors help to naturally ventilate the home. A nice addition is the porch`s folding screen that offers shade and comfort in the warm Chile weather. It only took 90 days to take this from an empty terrain to a modern, contemporaneous and ecologic home.

On the 160 square meters rests a lot of hope for the future. Colours, textures and natural materials, combined with renewable energy sources used in more and more homes all over the world bring a better understanding of the surroundings.  This home not only uses renewable energy but it can be constructed very fast and it doesn`t cost much. These characteristics are of extreme importance in a fast paced world where resources are dwindling.