In the last week we made some changes to and in this post I’m going to talk about these small changes. Feel free to leave a comment and tell us what do you think about these new changes.

1. Until now in the left sidebar the only way to subscribe to Freshome was the RSS Subscription. Right now if you want you can get the latest Freshome articles via email everyday. Just click on that button and enter your email address.

2. Now for example if you enter in a simple post you can go to the next an previous post by clicking those links that appear near the title of the post. A lot of people wanted something like this on Freshome and now this option is on. Do you find it useful ?

3. You might noticed the “Back to TOP” button, but have you ever clicked on that button ? The “Back to TOP” button is helpful when you are in a post with lots of images. After scrolling down to see all the pictures from a post all you have to do to get back up ( at the beginning of the post ) is to click on that button. When you are “Back to Top” you can use the previous and next post button we talked at nr.2.

4. Until now we had some voting buttons on the website that allowed you to vote your favorite articles. The most voted articles would appear in the Most Voted section on the sidebar. After testing these buttons for more than 3 months we noticed that people don’t care to much about voting on articles and we decided to remove them. Right now in the sidebar you can see the Most Viewed articles based on the number of people who viewed each article ( day / week / month ). So right now if someone visits an article that visit is counted … conclusion the number of visits = votes.

Finally please leave a comment and tell us what do you think about these new changes we’ve just made. Also if you have any other suggestions for us ..leave a comment.