This incredible suspended dining table is probably the closest design can get to match the saying “swinging your way through dinner”. Available at Duffy London for the price of £2,995.00, this spectacular product was defined as “a room within a room”, as it is able to join together up to eight persons and create a joyful “micro climate”. The Swing Table features a four pole structure that sustains a lamp and the eight chairs. As fun as dining in a swing may turn out to be and as easy as vacuuming beneath the chairs seems, we have to mention a few downsides as well. First off, liquid food is out of the question, as sooner or later, it is bound to get on the floor. Bumping and other small incidents between the table buddies are also inevitable. All in all, we really love this idea and would suggest a small device that can stop the chairs from swinging when the user wishes.-via The Design Blog