At a first glance, this home may look a little odd. Designed by Marcio Kogan and located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, project House 53 had to obey the neighborhood architecture laws. They state that a home should only have two floors and if a third level exists, it has to respect the lateral setbacks. This is why the residence below may seem to have a strange shape, but we have to say we’re fond of unusual architecture here so this was a positive factor. House 53 has an overall compact figure and looks like a giant enclosed box with a smaller glass and concrete structure above (the third floor).The large wooden shutters have an aesthetic function as well as a practical one. When they are closed, the “blinds” fit together and form a compact wooden panel which goes great with the rest of the exterior design. The interiors feature contemporary arrangements and inspiring furniture elements. Be sure to check out the house plans below for a better understanding.-via Arch daily