Apparently the new iPad from Apple inspires more unusual ideas than the producers have hoped. Creative Director Jonas Damon from Frog Design Studio in New York came up with an interesting way of displaying the iPad:  a retro TV whose design belongs to the 1980’s. We don’t know about you guys, but we consider that the iPad needs a support from time to time, so why not go with an old TV set ? Jonas Damon also made an interesting statement, which you will certainly find challenging:  “’I’ve heard designers lament the end of industrial design for some time now: single-purpose products like calculators and alarm clocks are being replaced by smart devices, leaving nothing more than a screen in a minimal enclosure. I’ve got a different way of looking at it: all this advanced technology is actually enabling industrial design. A product’s form used to be dictated by its mechanical function. But, as mechanics are being replaced by microchips, these constraints are disappearing. Designers have more opportunity with form now ; ergonomics and expression no longer need compromising.” Would you like this iPad TV to be produced at a large scale?-via Design Mind