From the exterior of your home to the interior, metals have been used to beautify homes since the beginning of time. Metals are one of the most precious materials found on Earth, and when used in the home they can represent strength, beauty, and status.  Depending on the finish and how the metal is used, your interior décor and exterior detailing can be transformed instantly with timeless metals.  Check out these 20 best ways to beautify your home with metals, you will love the result!

1.) Galvanized metal and recycled aluminum are perfect for décor: Metals can have a shiny finish to reflect light and give a formal look to décor.  When galvanized metal is left unfinished a rustic and worn finished is left exposed.  Perfect for shelving, and accent trim on furniture, cabinetry and doors.

2.) Metal grilles have many exterior uses: On outdoor porches and sun rooms, metal grilles are commonplace as wall ornaments.  Use them to welcome guests at your front door or group them on a long bare wall leading to the entrance of your home.  Metal grilles can be found at art supply stores, as well as home improvement centers in the garden area.

3.) Use metal in your kitchen/bath backsplash to add glimmer: When used in small quantities shiny metal tiles for a backsplash make for a pop of excitement to a kitchen wall.  If you don’t want the all over ‘glam’ opt for using accent metal copper or bronze tiles, amongst matte finish tiles.   Some mosaic tiles have random metallic tile sheets that make a backsplash more visually appealing and easier to install on your own.

4.) Add décor to your garden with metal ornamentation: Ever thought of re-using an old wheel barrow as a planter in your garden? Metal pails, over sized watering cans and rustic metal trash cans make for creative décor in the yard and garden areas.  Plant seasonal flowers in them, or consider adding a splash of color with paints or stains.  Brighten up the exterior or your home with metal planters and see how a dismal garden is suddenly livelier.

5.) Metal office furniture looks great in the home: It may sound odd, but office furniture in the home has a huge trend in décor today, especially metal furniture.  Especially chairs that have been repurposed and finishes that have been painted over in metallic paints or left unchanged are big for dining rooms.  Look at office consignment and second hand furniture shops for office furniture that might be slightly worn, but can be resurfaced.  It is common for offices will change a furniture style and get rid of hundreds of chairs at one time!

6) Exposed metal can add an industrial feel to décor: Exposed concrete floors, and visible metal heat/air conditioning duct work can add an industrial feel to a loft or studio apartment.  Open floor plans that show off stainless steel appliances, and metal furnishings can bring a sense of masculinity to your home.  Consider using streamlined furniture and minimalistic décor to up play the metal accents in your urban retreat.

7.) Metal architectural brackets add decorative emphasis to shelving: Want to add pizazz to a generally ordinary shelf?  Consider buying metal brackets to compliment the existing metal touches in your space.  For an inexpensive touch, buy metallic spray paint in varying shades to give old brackets a new look.   By mixing shades your finished product will have an antiqued look as though it’s aged.  Make sure and wait for complete drying between coats, before applying a new coat.

8.) Add a metal bench to your front entry to welcome in guests: Whether it is a grand park bench or a smaller version, benches in a front entry, gardens or under a tree makes a welcome addition to your home.  For wood and metal benches seal the wood with a water seal product and use a polyurethane sealant on the metal to preserve the finish and reduce rust buildup.

9.) Use metal handrails to bring decorative styling into your home: Handrails range in materials from rod iron to steel tension cable varieties. Depending on your décor, select handrails that contrast your interiors. Dark handrails look striking when paired with neutrals and light colors.  Ornate and intricate handrails can bring a sense of tradition while simple and clean lined handrails fit more modern and contemporary décor.

10.) Door hardware comes in a variety of gorgeous metals: Have you ever noticed how an ordinary door can be transformed by adding beautiful hardware?  Change out your front entry door hardware for a contrasting metal finish, and see how your front door will take on new life. For interior doors visit your local hardware or home improvement store. Hardware can range from brushed nickel to aged bronze. For easier gripping for elderly, children or handicapped, opt for a pull down handle hardware as opposed to turn knob handles.

11.) Light up your home with metal lighting fixtures: Lighting plays a huge role in how comfortable your home is. Chandeliers, wall sconces and pendant lighting in complimentary metals to your décor can be formal or casual.  An ornate metal iron chandelier with crystal can make for an ‘oxymoron’ fixture. The rustic metal combined with faux candles or hanging crystals is a mix of conflicting materials that will make a grand foyer or dining room stunning.

12.) Metal ceilings add grandeur to a room: Embossed tin paneling is common in home libraries and entertaining areas. Metal panels also have faux finishes that look like precious metals as well as steel ceilings can give an industrial or high tech feeling to a room.  The higher the ceiling you intend to put the metal panel on the more stately the room will feel.  Lower ceilings will feel cozier because the metal has reflectivity properties that will pull your space inward. Depending on the ambiance you want to create, metal ceilings are a great architectural feature to add.

13.) Metal picture frames can be subtle or bold: For years in home decorating, metal picture frames came in a few styles and were not thought of as ‘décor’.  In modern day, picture frames come in a variety of big and bold styles as well as unconventional minimalistic detailed varieties. When decorating your home use groups of varying sizes of picture frames to add visual interest on a wall, or table. For bargains, visit discount home décor stores and browse through their clearance area. Picture frames are always on sale, you just might have to dig!

14.) Metal bed framing and headboards can compliment your bedroom: Wrought iron head and foot boards give a romantic and feminine feel to a bedroom.  To add more romantic detailing opt for a wrought iron canopy bed and consider draping sheer material from the top of the canopy to the bottom at the four corners.  When paired with soft bedding, and fabrics, wrought iron loses its hard edge and becomes a welcome addition in a romantic bedroom.

15.) Cabinet door pulls in kitchen and baths makes a design statement: Cabinetry in your home can look simple and refined without pulls, or it can be accessorized by adding door pulls in complimentary metals. If your design style is sleek and modern, consider using long, thin brushed nickel cabinetry and drawer pulls.  Do you prefer a more traditional and detailed option? Try using large, dark bronze pulls that will attract the eye instantly.  Often forgotten, cabinet and drawer pulls can be mixed and matched for an eclectic punch to your kitchen as well.

16.) Metal roofing lasts longer than traditional roofing: Metal roofing doesn’t have to mean the industrial standing seam metal roofs found on commercial buildings. In residential design, copper, and even steel modular shingles are becoming increasingly popular for their durability and color choices. If you’re in the market to choose roofing materials, research metal roof manufacturers to see the vast variety that they have. The options will surprise you, and metal roofing will last longer than asphalt roofing.

17.) Do it yourself projects can make household items metallic: By using do it yourself methods you can take an ordinary vase and add gilding or faux paint techniques. From furniture to picture frames, coordinate your décor items with complimentary metallic styles.  Metal leafing is a popular arts and crafts technique that you brush on metal ‘leafs’ and then brush away pieces, leaving a gold, silver or bronze shine to any surface.  Visit garage sales and antique stores to get inexpensive décor that you can later add your own artsy touch to!

18.) Metal kitchen counters are popular in homes: Stainless steel counters are the staple counter material in professional kitchens and restaurants, but they are becoming more common now in residential design.  Stainless steel comes in a variety of finishes and styles.  If you prefer a matte finish that shows less wear and tear or if you like the highly reflective traditional style, there is a stainless steel that meets your décor needs.  Remember that metal conducts heat, if you choose a stainless steel counter, have trivets or an area to place hot pots and pans to prevent the entire counter heating up and becoming unsafe to touch.

19.) Add curb appeal to your home with metal house numbers: Architectural lettering, plaques, and signs displaying your address numbers are an attractive way to add visual interest to your front entry. Plaques can be personalized with the last name and/or initial of the family to symbolize the homestead.  Metal numbers can be added to the façade of your home, or freestanding in your yard or at your mailbox.  Visit your local home improvement store in the signage area for more options and custom made-to-order options.

20.) Update your plumbing fixtures to architectural metals: To add definition to your kitchen and bathroom update plumbing fixtures with modern metal.  Choose from copper, bronze, nickel, brass and many other metal options. Shiny, brushed, or matte finishes can be varied throughout your home or choose complimentary styles at you sinks, tub and shower. Start with one room at a time to ensure the right look and to save money!

Your home can always be improved with adding metal accents or architectural details. Depending on your taste and decorative style, metal can be a major component to your home, or left for minute details. Bring metals into your home and see how it will transform your space for the better.

Freshome reader’s give us your décor ideas for adding metal into your home.  Love it or hate it? We’d love to hear from you.