Here is a collection of furniture that is sure to raise controversy. This infernal set from Michel Haillard is said to be inspired by the the passion for hunting and features a variety of items, from home desks to chairs, armchairs and sofas. This is a type of uncommon collection that produces mixed interpretations and stirs a large variety of opinions. Some people may enjoy these designs along with their quality and opulence, others may be shocked by the real tusks and fur which they feature. Because you should know these products were created by using most dire materials from crocodile skin to fangs belonging to wild animals. Complemented with wood, bronze and silver, these items are given the shape which you see below. Every piece is unique and the firm usually takes on a projects by receiving some dead animal’s skin from their customers and turn it into this type of furniture. We are extremely curious to find out what your opinions are on this practice and particularly this furniture collection.