Casa Barone was designed by Widjedal Racki Bergerhoff Architects and is a makeover of an old summer house located in Ingarö-Evlinge, Sweden. The major objective when rebuilding this place was to create outdoor areas for leisure and entertainment. With this in mind, the architects decided to place the main structure to the north, leaving the rest of the site unexploited:”The biggest part of the building is dug into the slope, creating a large horizontal platform in ground level. Half of this platform is taken up by the upper floor of the building; the other half remains an open outdoor terrace in direct connection to the kitchen inside. Next to the kitchen is the living area, which, from its elevated position, faces the water view as well as the upper half of two large oak trees.The building glitters as a golden shrine penetrated with large black windows as it sits in the rocky slope in between sculptural pine trees.” Casa Barone is actually a creation studio belonging to an Italian painter and his wife. I guess you could say this is a place meant for artists.