The OH House gets its name from the family that will inhabit this unusual, but fascinating looking residence. Designed by Atelier Tekuto (Yasuhiro Yamashita) from Japan, this home is 1,5 meters lower than the road in front and was constructed on unleveled terrain. Even though its exterior seems to state that this home isn’t all that roomy, the architects beg to differ: “Upon entering a space, human eyes unconsciously measures distance from perpendicular lines. Thus the OH residence has multi-sided ceilings which surprise people by feeling bigger inside than the outside”. The owners wanted a peaceful and private place which also meant obstructed views of the interior from the street.Yasuhiro Yamashita says that “even though they answered the client’s request to avoid being seen from the outside, they still made the windows as big as possible”. The interior has a few original ideas worth discovering, such as suspended furniture for extra storage space and a dining table that hangs from the ceiling.-via Designboom