Remeber iCushion, the Iphone 3GS Shaped Pillow that we presented a few months ago ? Today here is another another “Apple product” made from plush. Just like that computer on your desk, this 17-inch tall, one-of-a-kind plush iMac comes with a matching wireless keyboard and mouse. Unlike your computer, it’s made from felt with polyester stuffing. Created by textile artist Kerry Hughes, the plush iMac appears to be running Logic Pro 8, so it’s perfect for iMac fans who are also musicians. If you are an Apple fan and love Apple and their products as much as you say you do, then you will welcome the Plush iMac into your house with arms wide open. Finally we think that this Plush iMac would look great on a piece of furniture and we’re pretty sure that it can get a lot of attention. You can get one iMac like this from Etsy. – Via – FreshBump