We noticed an intriguing trend lately concerning office buildings. More and more multinational companies bend over backwards to create imposing, sometimes energy efficient structures with an impressive architecture. Whether this happens because they need to create a strong brand identity or want their employees to be a bit more motivated, the end results in matters of design are sometimes mind blowing. And this is where we come in. The Galilée Office Building from Studio Bellecour is located in Toulouse, France and has a distinctive, easily recognizable look.

The project consists of two separate buildings connected together through a white “veil” made out of concrete. This gives the construction a light, aeronautical shape. Here is more on the structure of the building from the architects: “A central square constitutes the central space, the place of privileged pedestrian access towards both halls. The square is slightly heightened to allow for a level of half-buried parking lots organized around a central garden with natural air circulation. A large white concrete form looking like a shingle offers space for bikes within the landscape. The sun shade, a major element of the façades’ composition, bring the bright comfort crucial to the offices and open-spaces of the building.”